1 Percent Less


Fall 2018

This is a mockup of a mobile app
that is designed to replace paper
receipts entirely.


The goal is to eliminate the uses of paper receipts because of how they harm the environment and how they are not as useful as before.


Since mobile applications are becoming more accessible and convenient, it is logical to use a app to replace paper receipts.

Programs Used

- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe InDesign


This chart describes the cost of paper receipts yearly. For something that does not have too much purpose, the cost to produce them is high. Additionally, studies show the ink on the receipt makes recycling the receipts impossible and touching them will cause health problems.

This is a User Experience map focusing on where the paper receipt goes after the customer receives it from the store.
Both endings result in the paper receipt being either forgotten or disposed.

These are user personas I have crafted based on research and questions displayed below.

1. What kind of person are you? What kind of job did you take?
2. How do you feel about paper receipts? Why?
3. Do you feel the need to keep paper receipts? Explain.
4. Would you prefer a paperless receipt system and would it make it easier for your job or life? Explain.
5. Do you believe it will benefit the customers as well as the employees? How?
6. Should we disregard paper receipts if it will benefit in the long term? Why?

These are some of the pages of the application designed. A variation of online banking is created; however, this is designed to specifically track all forms of transactions, including cash payment.

This is a interface map that shows what page goes where.