Fall 2017

An UI/UX Project centered on improving the mobile navigation of the company Entocycle.


Entocycle has a goal to improve the environment and the nutrition of cows by changing their diet from grass to a variety of worms and insects.


While Entocycle's goals are great, their online store leaves much to be desired. That is where this project comes in; the focus of this project is to redesign the mobile layout and improve the UI/UX overall.

Programs Used

- Proto.io
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Balsamiq Mockups


We started with some basic mockups using Balsamiq Mockups. The first approach is to organize the content while adding accesblity to the products if someone is interested in buying these products.

We then proceeded to making more developed mockups through Proto.io alongside Adobe Photoshop. Our next goal was to make all the pages to make a functional prototype.

This is the map that shows the user navigation of the application. On the right, we made a specific section that makes purchasing these products simpler.