Iran Infographic


Summer 2017

A hybrid of a infographic and a paper foldout displaying information about Iran.


This project originally had a simple goal: to display a certain amount of information provided through a infographic.


From observation, a large infographic is a little dull to look at, so different approaches were researched and taken.

Taking inspiration from paper foldouts, I took the additional challenge of displaying information in a unique shape and layout from a paper foldout.

Programs Used

- Adobe Illustrator


This demonstrates how this infographic is divided into multiple pages. They are divided into multiple sections and printed separatly to create the fold.

Above is a full layout of the infographic when everything is attached together.

These are photographs that show how this infograpic can be folded up.

On the right of this photo, you can see this infographic displayed in the Graphic Design Gallery at Rhode Island School of Design in 2017.