Laundromat UX Revamped


Spring 2019

This is a UX Project focused on improving the experience of public laundromats.


The focus is to analyze and understand what is necessary to improve the public laundromat lifestyle while maintaining the "culture" in the laundromat.


The main focus is to gather data from various laundromats in New York City, analyze the data, and use the double diamond diagram to find a approach in improving the experience.

Programs Used

- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Premiere
- Blender


The data above is gathered from visiting a variety of laundromats and researching average time on visits as well as how long users stay there.

Personas are a base model/reference of users accumilated from data gathered. I have a few of them to represent the multiple types of people that are in the laundromat.

The two charts above are data gathered from asking users the series of questions mentioned above.

These are ideas gathered from users on how they believe will help the experience of lauundromats. Some believe in practical improvements. Others believe in a social community developed from the laundromat.

In the end, I decided on a system that helps improve the security of laundromats. Developing a social community will be impractical to develop with the short time of this project and a lot of upgrades people suggested already exist in other laundromats. In the end, I took the approach to make small modifications that will improve the laundromate experience overall.

A journey map describes the process and experiences of multiple people, the transaction, and the waiting process of the laundromat.

This small animation shows the general process on how a subtle change will improve the security and experience of laundromat users.