Mayo Surfboards


Spring 2017

A rebranding project focused on upgrading the logo and branding of the surfboard company Mayo Surfboards.


The main goal is to create a new logo, business card, and letterhead for Mayo Surfboards.


For a start, our main goal is to research and identify what kind of image Mayo Surfboards is going for. After that, I took that information and created the logo.

Programs Used

- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop


After research about Mayo Surfboards, I went with a variety of ideas. I settled with a straightforward idea of utilizing wave graphics for the logo. After sketches, I took this to the next step in Adobe Illustrator.

This is the next step of creating the logos utilizing color and texture to bring these sketches to life.

Taking three of these logos, I utilized them into products that are utilized to advertise a brand such as business cards and surfboards.

Using Photoshop, I edited the designs to see how they will look when they come to life onto products.