The Resource Hub


Fall 2019

This is a prototype of a web page that will host a library of resources for students learning technical skills in Pratt Institute.


The curriculum for Pratt Institute's Undergraduate Design Programs provides little to no foundational skills.

Fewer opportunities are provided to students developing a portfolio and capable professors are forced to teach topics that don't interest them or the students.


It is unideal to force the faculty to change, so providing the necessary resources to learn these techniques are essential.

The best approach is to gather content from content creators and catagorize them so the students are able to handpick the topic they are interested in.

Programs Used

- Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign


We started with researching how students feel about the current curriculum. The majority of the students have a
negative response to how the program provides few opportunities to learn new skills.

This is a User Experience map that plans out how users can navigate around this resource hub.
They are catagorized under 3 main sections: Illustration, Graphic Design, and Art Direction.

These are the first stages of a mockup created through HTMl and CSS. I gathered resources from sources found and recommended through user feedback.
Clicking on a topic will lead to a tutorial that discusses the topic through an accessible resource (Example: Youtube.)

These show the sample pages of the final project. Under each main catagory, they are branched off into other catagories that expand the selected topic further.