Schedule for Three Trips


Summer 2017

This is an infographic that describes 3 different experiences. This is visualized through a timeline and clocks that describe where I am and when I am there.


The main purpose of this infographic is to convey three trips in the same infographic.

One trip is from my residence to my graphic design department in RISD. The second is to my home in California. The third is to Barcelona, Spain.


Catagories I implemented are time, method of transportation, phone conversations, personal thoughts, location. Visual hints reveal the details of the catagories without any words.

Programs Used

- Adobe Illustrator


This is the overview of the Infographic. I took a horizonal long layout to make it look like a branching timeline.

This is a zoom-in on the Infographic. You can see simplified illustrations of where I am going with labels identifying the location.

This is another zoom-in showing the center section. You can see the diversity of transportation utilized in the second
and third trips. On the flights, there are bars on the bottom of the infographic that show what I did on these flights.

The right side shows the end of the second and third trips. They show how different the end results are.

This piece was on display in the Illustration Department Gallery and the Graphic Design Department Gallery in Rhode Island School of Design.