A virtual and perfect world

My Home

This is an interactive project that focuses on a
visual metaphor of experiencing the world through
the perspective of multiple smartphone.

Made from Processing then transfered to P5.js.

Decoding the body
structure of two species

TECH: Type Anatomy

An design study that utilizes matching terms
from anatomy and typography to make the
of typography.

Created with Photoshop and then
formatted with Illustrator.

The Portal for designers that
wish to learn technical skills

The Resource Hub

An UX Project that works on a potential solution
to fixing Pratt Institute's Communications
Design Undergraduate Program.

Created with HTML, CSS, and Illustrator.

User Data expressed through

The Stack

A study that looks into User Data and how
it is layered into levels of privacy based on
Bratton's "The Stack."

Made with Illustrator, After Effects,
HTML, and CSS.